The twins.

Happy Easter!  I had the opportunity, after a long week at the Capitol, to spend Saturday with my twin cousins Bryon and Bryson.  Well, it actually started off more as being conscripted since my mom informed me I would be escorting them around our church’s Easter egg hunt and related activites (inflatable obstacle courses, slides, moon rooms, balloons and face-painting).

Following the church events we all went to see Monsters vs. Aliens, followed by a trip to Buger King.  This took place in a little over five hours, but it was tiring.  Just me and two energetic boys.  In any event, ignoring my intital reluctance it was very much a learning experience.

The main lesson I learned is that children are expensive!  Not just in terms of monetary cost, but time as well.  This isn’t meant to be taken in the negative, just a fact.

For me right now both, money and time, are at a premium.  Meaning I have very little of either, and that which I do have I am not quite ready to give up selflessly to be a parent.

Maybe in another, ooh, five years.  I should probably get married first though.



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