Working late.

At some point, maybe last Monday when I worked until 1:30 AM, I realized that I simply no longer have any feelings about working into the night.

Early on I used to have the little twinge when the clock hit 5:OO PM and I was still busy, typing away.  But that twinge is gone.  I’m not complaining, I knew and was told countless times by different people what the hours would be like.

Actually, I believe working late hours has been good for me.  Not necessarily staying until the early dawn’s light, but learning to push past the standard “quitting time.”

I try to always take away some good thing about situations I find myself in, and with my current job, the late hours have been a character builder.  Also on the plus side I don’t have to deal with afternoon traffic, which means I burn less gas getting home, and in shorter time.

For where I’d like to be, or at least the positions I want to hold some day, late hours are the norm.  I’m fortunate to get exposed to it sooner rather than later.



2 Comments on “Working late.”

  1. Lakeisha Van Buren says:

    thank you for this. it speaks to me.. i am enjoying working for a non profit theatre in Austin…it is my life line… i yearn to do more…but sometimes this means long hours, cooking dinner late for my family, or not sleeping as I “should”… but reading your point of view assures me I am not alone in believing that true happiness in one’s work comes at a price…time

  2. A.J. says:

    No problem! Thanks for commenting, and for reminding me of this post (wow it’s been awhile).

    Life is essentially an allocation of opportunity costs. I’m glad to see that I am not alone in this view as well.

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