Social Media Flash Sessions

Time Flies

Time Flies

I’ve set a new goal for myself to increase my efficiency online with email, and the various social media tools I use, chiefly Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Too often I spend time thinking of the perfect status update, something witty or informative to fit under the 140 character limit on Twitter, or just searching around for people I know or want to know.

The solution to aid me in my goal is setting time limts.  Remember in the early days of the Internet (early for Gen-Y) anyways, when dial-up modems where your bridge to the online world?  Remember how before flat rates there were hourly charges for online-usage, and those things called flash sessions (timed sessions online)?  That’s what I will be implementing for myself with the help of my iPhone timer, and that applies to emails too.

I love all the new tools available to help connect with people and promote yourself.  I just want to be able focus on the real world more.



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