Opening Up To Social Media.

Reach out!

Reach out!

-It’s easier for everyone to know you, than you to know everyone

It’s time to reach out.  I believe we’re either near or currently at a point where you can’t be on the fence with social media programs.   Either use them as they’re meant to be used (that is to broaden your presence in the world), or put them down and go read a book or play Wii.  An empty or near empty profile does that user a disservice, and having a passive presence defeats the whole purpose of social media. 

The power of social media is the ability of people to connect over a broad range of topics.  For some people it can be unnerving, even in a virtual world, to have strangers tuning in to their lives.   However having people you don’t know know you is not necessarily a bad.  This is especially true for professionals.

For me LinkedIn and Twitter have supplanted Facebook in terms of professional utility, with Facebook moving back to a pure social outlet.

My main interest now is professional growth.  A major factor in that growth is finding commonality.  Commonality is like a spark of light in the void of uncertainty that exists when two strangers meet.  You can see it in the eyes people when something familiar resonates with them in a conversation.  From there that spark can grow or fade depending on the level of commonality between the pair.

Social media programs facilitate this exchange on a heightened scale and pace.

The level of openness our society tolerates has shifted in the last two decades tied to the rise of various Internet mediums.  Our society, really our world, has already become increasingly open, to the point where past concepts of privacy are not applicable.

Don’t be passive with social media, reach out!



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  1. sweetcynic says:

    great post

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