The #1 Reason to Drop a Goal.

Let go.

Let go.

For a myriad of reasons there are goals in life that we will not achieve.  At various points in our lives we have all started something and left it unfinished.  Unfinished but not forgotten.  Through rationalized procrastination we tell ourselves there is always tomorrow.

How about making a clean break?  Evaluate the goals that your are making progress (active progress) towards achieving and drop ones that are not.

Some goals no matter how much we want to achieve them lie beyond our drive to accomplish a task.  In short goals should be approached fully or not at all.  For example I want a six-pack but know the level of commitment it would take to get one, currently, exceeds my drive to make it happen.

I am not advocating dropping a goal because it is taking a long time to achieve.  However, if your goal is sitting in the corner next to the Soloflex, collecting dust, it may be time to leave it on the curb and free up space for more productive endeavors.

Happy Memorial Day!



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