Going Public… with your resume Pt.2

Placing your resume in the public realm requires certain considerations:

1.  Be selective.

Presumably you don’t handout your resume to everyone, you are selective.  In the same way you should be selective about the mediums you post.  That way it is more likely to reach the intended viewer and thus increase your odds of being noticed.

2.  Keep it tailored.

Just as you are selective in where you post your resume, you should also keep it tailored to the specific job or area you are interested in.  It can be tough fitting everything in one page and it’s tempting to lay everything out to cast a wider net.  This is a mistake.  If you’re going for certain jobs, keep the resume tailored to those jobs.

3.  Keep promoting yourself.

Nothing replaces actual, physical networking with people.  Following up and connecting with them on LinkedIn or Facebook is not only a great way to maintain those ties, but having a resume posted makes it convenient for those you are trying to reach to see what you have to offer.

*Note:  I’m currently re-tooling mine before I post it on LinkedIn.



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