The Job Chronicles: Senate Visit


Yesterday I spent some time down at the Texas Capitol walking my resumes to senate offices.  It wasn’t random.  Through a mentor I had been given a list of people, former colleagues of hers, to talk to.  As with cover letters, it is ALWAYS better to have a name to address, or in my case ask for.

Also, getting face-time with a person is ALWAYS better than emailing them your cover letter.  And generally even if you don’t.  Additionally it is good training for getting over that apprehension of cold-calling, i.e. going into situations where you do not directly know a person you are trying to meet.

Unlike sending cover letters, physically walking my resumes always makes me a bit nervous.  Not to a large degree, but like standing at the starting line of a race, or a podium right before the speech.  The seconds before you open the office door and present yourself are, for me, always is intense.  But then you just go.

This was my second time doing this.  The previous summer I had take a few hours to walk the halls, and was probably more nervous because I had zero experience at the Capitol then.  This will most likely be a periodic activity until something sticks.  You have to keep pushing and pushing, especially under the pink dome.



One Comment on “The Job Chronicles: Senate Visit”

  1. David says:


    Great advice!

    I was in Austin last week thanks to some contacts of contacts of contacts.

    Next time I’m in Austin, hopefully we can get together.

    Thanks again!


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