Useful Saturday Site

I’ve had my car, a 1999 BMW 528i, for about a year and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  The problem was the previous owner forgot to include the manual and I neglected to notice this until sometime after purchase.

No matter

The lack of a manual wasn’t really an issue.  The majority of the few issues I’ve had would easily identifiable (change oil, engine, or a head light out).

However, one light recently has been popping up and I had no idea what it meant!  I spent an hour or so looking around online for used owner manuals and came across this site, Free Car Service Manuals.


I clicked my car brand on the right column, found my car’s year and type, and downloaded a complete owners manual.  Now I know what the blinking light on my dash is (time to get my brake pads checked out), and I didn’t have to spend money ordering a manual.

I like free!



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