Finding Your Inner Music.

True notes by angelocesare.

“The greatest tragedy in America is not the destruction of our natural resources, though that tragedy is great. The truly great tragedy is the destruction of our human resources by our failure to fully utilize our abilities, which means that most men and women go to their graves with their music still in them.” – Justice Oliver Wendel Holmes

Inner Music
Plainly this concept to me means the realization of a skill, that when applied to a pursuit, produces an action that to the doer, and the observer, appears, feels, beyond thought.  The doer simply is the action and vice-versa.  Put another way it’s like being in the zone, but all the time.
Death and Tragedy
To quote from Jay-Z’s Beach Chair, “I’m not afraid of dyin’, I’m afraid of not tryin’.”  While I am  definitely not at an age were I contemplate my mortality with any more thought than I do my birth, or how I was born, I do know this: I DO NOT want to die without having found my music.  I have no guarantees on how long I may have on this planet, but I do know is I have to try daily to pursue what I was meant to do.
Yet some people will not try.  Which is the tragedy.  Not dreams deferred, but music silenced.
As for myself the only resolution I can make on this matter to try, daily.
Life and Compromise
I understand life happens, compromises have to be made, kids have to eat, loans repaid, etc.  Careers are in some cases that Great Compromise.  The needs of the many, the family, weighed against those of the few, you.
I hope that I will be lucky enough to have a career where my music, my ability or abilities, will be fully realized in harmony with my field.  If not, than at the very least I hope to have the fortitude to pursue my music while satisfying my commitments.
It can be done.
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