Lesson Learned from Nintendo’s Power Glove.


I was playing Wii Tennis with a friend last week, and randomly thought of the Power Glove from the 1980’s.  For those not familiar, the Power Glove, built for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Mattel, was supposed to be all the Nintendo Wii is today.  A revolutionary control interface, a game changer.

However, outside of famous scene from “The Wizard” and pretty cool advertisements, it failed commercially (see here for a demo on why, may want to put in headphones if at the office).

Yet it was the development of the Power Glove, conceptually and technologically, that paved the way for the Wii which HAS been a commercial success.

On a human level, this was just a reminder that a failure today can bring success down the road.

Have a great weekend!



3 Comments on “Lesson Learned from Nintendo’s Power Glove.”

  1. David Wogan says:

    I always wanted a Power Glove, but we never had one. Isn’t amazing though how some technology is ahead of its time? Who knew that 20 years later everyone would be trying to get their hands on a Wii.

  2. A.J. says:

    I had the Nintendo power pad (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Pad) haha. That’s a precursor to the Dance Dance Revolution interfaces.

    You’re right though. Who knows what failures today will result in something amazing in the next 20 years.

  3. […] very straightforward, concise writing style that is immensely enjoyable.  Also, he talks about the Power Glove (it’s so bad!) in a way that applies to us all, and makes an appealing argument for the power […]

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