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To all my readers, mom and dad, I apologize.  It has been awhile and I’ve had a few things weighing on my mind.  You know those phases, things seem out of sorts, and well they need to be sorted.  So now I’m back.

I’ve been reading Keith Ferrazzi’s Who’s Got Your Back, a book that deals with creating peer support systems to excel in professional and real life.  The book is almost completed, but I re-read a section on goal setting last night.

I found it apt as the year is almost at a close.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who battles with making goals stick, from the day-to-day, to the yearly and beyond goals.  Ferrazzi suggests a streamlined approach.  Instead of laying out a goal, look behind the goal at the steps, or process, necessary to achieve it.

Two Types of Goal Setting

Ferrazzi presents two types of goals, performance and learning.  “Performance goals,” he states, “imply a finite result, like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”  He cites as examples, landing a job, losing 10 pounds or boosting sales by 10 percent.  Conversely, learning goals “involve thinking about the rainbow, not just the pot of gold,” such as picking up new language to get the job, or refining marketing tactics.

My Performance and Learning Goals

Performance Goals:

  • Pass the February Texas Bar Exam
  • Get a job
  • Blog three times a week
  • Decrease my 5K time to 30 minutes
  • Save money

Learning Goals:

  • Learn how to condense great amounts information for greater understanding and recall.
  • Learn new networking techniques and strategies.
  • Find five new techniques for creating and drafting quality content.
  • Learn how BMW maintenance/repair (saving potentially hundreds of dollars)

That is all I have right now, and that’s enough I think!  I’d like to hear from y’all.  What are some performance and learning goals out there?


And for a later post:  A.J.’s Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals

Help, Quarterlife Crisis!

Cobra soldier costumes at Dragoncon 2008 by Fordan.
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No, it’s not about being unemployed or studying for the Texas bar.  The crisis involves my inability to decide on a Halloween costume!  For those that know me, and those that don’t, I’m open to suggestions.  This issue needs to be resolved as I have not had a decent nights sleep all week.  I’m fairly creative but always get stuck on what to do for Halloween (I was a surgeon) last year.  I guess because I love myself so much I couldn’t fathom pretending to be someone/something else.

In any event drop your suggestions s’il vous plait.


Dream Records.

A Sleeping Cherub in Babyland by musicmuse_ca.
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Lately there’s been a new addition to my early morning routine.  Instead of popping out of bed, usually before my 5 AM alarm goes off, and gearing up for the gym and a quick bowl of Kashi, I’ve started to write down my dreams.  No, not my ambitions and aspirations for life, but the raw footage of my subconscious.  The stuff drawn up from REM sleep.

After 26 years, I have a pretty good understanding of the way I think , at least when I’m awake.  Even my day-dreams are largely tied to active thoughts.  But what goes on up in my head when no more sensory input is coming in?  When the day’s thoughts are mixed together with my subconscious?

I’ve only started this dream journal last week, so there’s no trend or themes I can see yet.  I have found though that with each entry comes a greater recall, down to minute details.  That’s a start.  It’s the little things I’m particularly curious about.

I wish I had done this earlier and don’t know why it never occurred to me before.  I generally track what I eat, my workouts, and numerous other areas of my life, so why not my dreams?  It will be very interesting to look back on this in a year, or whenever I come to the end of the journal.


p.s.  I think it would be very cool to read the dream journals of your parents and grandparents when they were your age.  I’d be curious to see if there were commonalities on a generational level.

p.s.s. Kid Cudi’s “Soundtrack 2 My Life” is a sweet track!

Train–Hey, Soul Sister

I’m not a big Train fan, but this song stuck with me. The lyrics have a pleading quality, and evokes possibility and hope.  Great Sunday afternoon song.


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