Cross Your Rubicon!

Land Rover 90 Welsh Highlands River Crossing by Nick Wilkes.

Photo Credit

The Rubicon

Roman Law prohibited the Rubicon from being crossed by any Roman Army legion.  This was meant to protect Rome from internal military threat.  Crossing the river was to declare in all but word declare war on Rome.

What is your Rubicon?

On a personal level, the Rubicon represents the dividing line between an undesirable situation and more promising, if risky ventures.    When Julius Caesar crossed it was said he uttered the words “Alea iacta est,” the die is cast.  In his case he was inciting civil war.  You are then declaring war as well.

I would say going to law school and also deciding to work at the Texas Capitol have been my major Rubicons.  With both I took/have taken a resolute mind-set, in some way internalizing Caesar’s words, or in the words of Jay-Z, “I will not lose.”

What are some Rubicons you’ve crossed in your life?


“The gate is straight
Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side”

“Break on through (to the otherside), The Doors”


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