Top 8 Reasons I Am Thankful (EVERYDAY).

I’ve finally woken up from my Itis induced post-Thanksgiving nap.  I’m still a little groggy but couldn’t pass up the obligatory Happy Thanksgiving post (my friend Linda ,of Curious Notions, has three).

So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Here are my top eight reasons to be thankful:

  1. My health. There’s a line in Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen, “Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth; oh nevermind; you will not understand the power and beauty of your youth until they have faded.”  I may not understand it, but I am thankful each day for it.  I decided (last night) I would run 12 miles this morning.  I got up and knocked it out in 1 hour and 49 minutes.  I know at some point my body will not align with my will, whether through age or accident, so each day that I have my health and full capacity is a blessing.
  2. My family. In times of inner-doubt I can think of no greater refuge.  Whether through outward expressions of their love and confidence in me (for as long as I can remember), to indirectly letting me know they have my back, I am fortunate to have them.
  3. Friends and Friends that inspire/motivate me. Second to my family, I am thankful for having a great circle of friends across the states and abroad.  You are the company you keep.  Through their words and actions they make me strive to reach my full potential.  Also they hook you up with Google Wave (thanks David!).
  4. Life Time Fitness. I am an active gym goer.  I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat, but behind my study I probably spend a fair amount of time there.  Life Time’s staff is friendly and I’ve enjoyed all the gym has to offer (note: this is an uncompensated review).
  5. Living in Austin. Need I say more?  I love my city, more so having spent undergrad and law school out-of-state.  A lot changed in those eight years, and I enjoyed seeing the growth in spurts when I came home for holidays and the summer.  In this past year-and-a-half since I’ve re-settled home I am discovering Austin, making new friends, and reconnecting with old ones.
  6. The people who read my blog (and leave comments). THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  A friend said, “When you have blogs you start seeing your life through a ‘can this be blog post fodder’ lenses.”  Put another way it makes you examine your daily life purposely.  I definitely have been doing that, and I am m extremely thankful for all who take time to read what I post.  Especially those that leave comments.
  7. DVR. This bit of tech has freed me from the tyranny of commercials and network/cable programing schedules.
  8. Endless curiosity. I can’t study at Barnes and Nobles because on bathroom breaks I always end up distracting myself picking up a random book on business, poetry, philosophy, etc.  However, when time is available, I enjoy exploring the random thoughts or interests that pop up in my mind.  Intellectual wandering may be the apt description.




5 Comments on “Top 8 Reasons I Am Thankful (EVERYDAY).”

  1. linda says:

    yay 🙂 I got a couple of shout outs!

    I enjoyed this entry. I agree with most of your list. Especially the comments. Haha 🙂

    I miss Barnes & Noble. I used to spend a lot of leisurely time there.. Hmm.

  2. […] post was more of a nostalgic look back at Thanksgivings of past. I’ve been inspired by AJ’s blog to write a real post… Here’s what I’m really thankful for (today and […]

  3. David Wogan says:

    I completely agree, AJ. Thanks for writing you blog. I always look forward to your posts – they’re thoughtful and intelligent! Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!!

    p.s., I totally had to write a thanksgiving post after reading yours :p

  4. Mary Beth says:

    you’re great. love this you gym rat you.

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