Top 3 Strategies for Google Wave (thus far).

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I finally got Google Wave and all it took was a post.  Anyways here are my three strategies:

  1. Be Selective With Invites. Don’t just invite your best friends.  You only have eight invites, and to make the most out of Google Wave you want people who (a) Have a willingness to use it, and (b) Will USE IT.  I haven’t given mine all out yet (still have three more), but the ones I have sent were to people I collaborate with in someone way and/or have a demonstrated interest in “Web 2.0”.
  2. Have Ideas. My friend James started a Wave to discuss/critique his latest song, and Linda has started a book club Wave.  I’d like to start a peer-mentor Wave or something network (always) related.
  3. Have Fun. These first days with Google Wave were like the my very first day of school.  I was just trying to figure out how it all worked and where I fit.  Most likely I’m not alone in that.  However it has been fun figuring out ways to leverage this new tool, and seeing the direction my friends are taking it.

That’s what I got so far!



7 Comments on “Top 3 Strategies for Google Wave (thus far).”

  1. linda says:

    my friend started a soduku wave! she inserted a gadget. i havent figured wave out that far yet.

  2. ljglowacz says:

    On that note, thank you for the invite! I have yet to explore…but I’m in desperate need of better organizing my conversations. Hopefully Google Wave is a step in the right direction.

    • A.J. says:

      No problem! I’m thinking up some ideas too. It’ll be easier once more of my like-minded friends are up on it. After playing around with Wave for a few days, I wonder why Google didn’t just make this part of their office suite, instead of a separate tool?

  3. James Lehner says:

    My good friend @AJ Bingham ( has turned me onto Google Wave, which appears to be a new social media tool. However, I am struggling to figure it out or what advantage it has over FB? Got any ideas?

    • A.J. says:

      James, I feel like Wave is meant to have more professional applications (at least in intent) than Facebook. That is, where firms are now implementing Facebook as a kind of Intranet, the same way some firms used AIM, or now Gchat, the professional functionality a by-product of the social aspect; Google Wave is meant for professional use, with “social social” utilities now as the by-product.

  4. James Lehner says:

    I agree. It is a more versatile email. But I still think this “testing” phase is highly limited by the invitation approach. To understand the capabilities of Wave, we must be able to collaborate with more individuals than our 8 invites. Limited to 8, it is nearly impossible to get a wave going. It is like boogie boarding on a lake without a motor boat.

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