The Public is Never Wrong.

“The public is never wrong. When people don’t respond to what you do, they’re telling you something loud and clear. You’re just not listening.”

-Fifty Cent

I picked-up this quote from Robert Greene‘s guest post on Copyblogger.  It is applicable to sales, marketing, blogging, and any other type of business that deals with the public and consumers.

For those that don’t know Greene collaborated with 50 on a book, The 50th Law.  Essentially the book revolves around the image of the fearless individual (fear of death, failure, success, the grind, and so forth), and what can be achieved once one becomes fearless.

I’ve read it once and in the process of re-reading before I give a book review.  Definitely check the book out at Barnes and Nobles or your local bookstore.  In the mean time here’s a scaled down slideshare ebook that gets to the bones of The 50th Law.

Oh, Copyblogger also has a great post focusing on Eminem and what he can teach you about writing.

Are they being paid by Aftermath I wonder?



2 Comments on “The Public is Never Wrong.”

  1. James Lehner says:

    Like you I read many books a week at B+N, but I actually purchased The 50th Law after highlighting in it. Good Read.

  2. linda says:

    AJ, thanks for posting this. i’m going to pore over the links this weekend.
    working two jobs back to back on weekdays have made online reading time sparse

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