Goodbye Imeem, Hello (Again) MySpace.

Good Bye by -Polo.Photo credit

Imeem was my preferred source for online music.  I like Pandora, but I enjoy being able to create play lists, and being able to move through songs at will.  Thumbs up or down doesn’t cut it for Mr. Bingham.  I also prefer Facebook to Myspace, for the reasons listed here (and in the comment section).

Imagine my surprise when I attempted to go to, and was directed to this page…

See, I use MySpace sparingly.  Mainly I’ll log on to copy links of new posts to my status, and also to message my oldest Austin friend (since third grade) Zach the Artist.  I rarely venture deeper into the site.

“F***!”  Actually, “What the F***,” immediately came to mind when I saw this screen.  Did I mis-type?  Nope.  As of today Imeem is a part of MySpace (News Corp., specifically Fox here in the states).

All I wanted to do was listen to some Motown, maybe some Michael Buble.  In any event I guess I’ll be going to MySpace more frequently.  I’m listening to Metric right now.  They’re calming the sense of loss in my heart.

Adios Imeem!



2 Comments on “Goodbye Imeem, Hello (Again) MySpace.”

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