BIG NEWS: Nod From Brazen Careerist

I received awesome news yesterday!  Ryan Paugh, Director of Community at Brazen Careerist, informed me that one of my posts had been selected for Brazen Careerist’s Best Posts of 2009!

My post is one of 50 divided among eight categories (mine is in the “Career Management” group).

This was a big surprise. While I’ve steadily built up hits to my blog; beyond my friends whom mention a post to me, or people who comment (which are ALWAYS welcome), I generally don’t know how it is received.  It felt good to see my name up there with other bloggers I enjoy reading.  Now the fun part!


Now I need YOUR help.  Brazeen is running a Twitter contest to decide the TOP blog post of 2009.  To vote for me, all you need to do is copy, paste, and tweet the following:

I’m voting for @AJ_Bingham‘s post in the #Brazen Careerist #BestOf 2009 Contest:

What’s in it for YOU

Your vote will put your name in a raffle to win 1 of 3  $20 Starbucks gift cards.  You can receive a 6th bonus ballot by tweeting about the Best of 2009 Contest.


The contest ends Dec. 23, so PLEASE take two seconds to copy, paste, and tweet the above.

Thank you!



2 Comments on “BIG NEWS: Nod From Brazen Careerist”

  1. David Wogan says:

    This is great news, AJ!

  2. A.J. says:

    Thanks David. Show a brother some RT love!

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