Productivity Bleeds Through

(Began at 2:30 AM)

The hardest part of getting things done is not the task or tasks, I’m pretty motivated for any type of self-improvement.  It’s not thinking about all the other areas of my life I want to improve; or at least channeling that drive to a narrow focus, instead of the panoramic view.

That’s productivity for you.  It bleeds into every area of your life, your professional and personal aspirations.  A productive mind-set cannot be contained.

For me it’s learning conversational Spanish, taking a continuing education class at UT or ACC, or reading the latest business strategy book at Barnes and Nobles.

While it can be hard to keep myself “present” when I’m in productive mode; it’s still a good thing.  There’s a saying that the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.

I feel the same way about the various activities I’d like to get a handle on.



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