Nietzche on boredom, work, and rewards.

Now there are . . . Individuals who would rather perish than work without taking pleasure in their work; they are choosy . . . and have no use for ample rewards if the work is not itself the reward of rewards. . . . They do not fear boredom as much as work without pleasure; indeed, they need a lot of boredom if their work is to succeed.  For . . . All inventive spirits, boredom is that disagreeable ‘lull’ of the soul that proceeds a happy voyage and cheerful winds.

–Friedrich Nietzsche

Just some food for thought on a Monday morning.  I’ve been re-reading Robert Greene (and 50 Cents) The 50th Law.  This quote is at the end of Chapter 8, Respect the Process–Mastery. Here’s a slideshare overview of the book.  I highly recommend it.

Have a great week!



One Comment on “Nietzche on boredom, work, and rewards.”

  1. linda says:

    i’m on hold for 50th law at the library 🙂

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