This Is Not A Valentine’s Day Post…


Consider this an early April Fools post.

Happy Valentine's Day - May your heart not be pierced by warheads attached to former tree bits. by mélomane.
Love, Dynamically

Of the many types of loves in this world, i.e. loving your work, loving your life, loving your family; romantic love is probably one of the hardest to achieve.

So, if you’ve got that loving feeling for someone, let her (or him) know it everyday.  And if you don’t (this includes me) it’s nothing to dwell on.  Enjoy single life.  Date, figure out who you are (what you value, your goals, etc.) seek out new experiences, have an open mind and heart, and things will work themselves out.  Oh, don’t forget to smile.

Here’s some of my favorite love inspired songs:

Michael Buble “Haven’t Met You Yet

Kano Ft. Craig David “This Is The Girl

Chase and Status ft. Plan B “Pieces

Wayne Wonder “No Letting Go

Tanto & Devonte “Everyone Falls In Love Sometimes

Lenny Kravitz “Again

She and Him “Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

The Pharcyde “Passin’ Me By

P.M. Dawn “Die Without You


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2 Comments on “This Is Not A Valentine’s Day Post…”

  1. A.J. says:

    Agreed! I wonder what that duo is up to now?

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