SXSW: Done and Done.

“Suddenly the Fedora population in Austin decreased by 62%”

SXSW came and went, and for me, this year was my first really getting into the festivities.  I went to two movie premieres, one day party (including assorted bands playing), caught the tail end of another party following Wake Forest’s win over Texas (Go Deacs!), and survived a hipster stampede flea market rush.

I know, that wasn’t a whole lot for most folks, especially when other areas of my life are in a lull.  That SHOULD have been the time when I to picked up the pace: went hard, went long, got home late, and didn’t wake up until noon.  But I’m not that person (I know better, anyways).

When life gives you space, embrace it.  Don’t attempt to fill it.  That will take care of itself.  So I did my time.  I enjoyed myself when presented with those opportunities, which overall were very rewarding.  New faces and experiences added to my life mix.

Next year I’m promising myself (You are my witness) that I WILL attend double what I did this year.  That should put me in good stead with the hipster gods.

Here’s a few pics from the past week:




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