Shift into Spring


“First day of spring–
I keep thinking about
the end of autumn.”

-Matsuo Basho

Growing up in Austin, there always came a time during the spring semester of school, when I knew the season had officially arrived.  The weather shifted just so, between hot and cool, and mild breezes over fresh cut grass and blooming flowers, delivered a understated yet distinct smell to my nose.

A comparable sense would be the way pavement smells right before it’s amount to rain.  After a few times you’re keyed into that smell and your brain makes the connection between it, and the coming rains.

After 19 years here I feel attuned to shift into spring.  And with this shift came changes.  In the world and within myself, boy-to-teen-to-man.  And beyond all those things, there was something else: possibility.

Possibility of what?  I didn’t know.  But it was that uncertainty that I looked forward to.  An awakening into the new year (though the new year had started officially anywhere from two to three months prior to my ‘sensing’ spring).

So I feel spring in Austin yet again.  And just like when I was 8, 13, or 18, I feel that sweet, uncertain, possibility.



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