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[Meant for Friday, but I got caught up in Easter Weekend Festivities]

Since returning to Austin, I’ve gotten in the habit of confronting the anxieties that sometimes creep up in the face of the unknown and untried.  Ignoring such feelings is impossible, and only builds them up like water behind a dam.  It will break at some point.

No.  What I practice (because I slip here and there) is focusing on the opportunity whatever the experience will bring.  Opportunities for new knowledge, or contacts, and sometimes, like yesterday to refresh a past resolution.  That was, to golf.  Not just swing on the driving range, but play a full 18 holes.

I had my chance  Friday and it was glorious.  Not so far as my game was concerned, but in my attempt.  I learned to important keys to my success in the game: (1) KEEP my head down; and (2) Don’t think about hitting the ball.  Number two was easier said that done, like a Zen exercise.  There was a particular satisfaction when I got some significant air on the ball, or even if I got it traveling along the ground in the direction intended.  My main goal that day was to make contact.

After that, I figured, the rest would take care of itself.  And for the most part, it did.

Barring some frustration, the day was a success.  I played attempted all 18 holes on this awesome course, on a spectacular Austin day.  More over, I have a renewed desire to learn the game.

Now I’m off for a run.  Gotta work off the Easter dinner.



2 Comments on “Golfing”

  1. Linda says:

    just in time to watch Tiger tear it up at the Masters 🙂

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