A deluge of yuppie style

Up a bit before 4:00AM (at time of writing) at the East Austin residence, freight lines creaking just under Pleasant Valley Rd.  I realized my closet has been overtaken by a deluge of yuppie style, conservative suits, solid and stripped shirts, and two hangers full of ties (probably should invest in a rack).  I wear a suit at least five days a week for the majority of the day, 10 hours+.  It’s the reality of the times, my busy, busy times.  And I enjoy it.  Funny though how quickly my causal wear style stalled out.

I don’t subscribe to the the oft-cited Gen Y demand for a work/life balance, for me its a situational sliding scale, but a man needs options for when out of uniform (Friday after 8PM through Sunday as long as I can stay awake).

I need to step up my non-work wear.  God forbid I wake up one day to a closet full of “dad jeans” and size-too large polos.

Swag isn’t built in a day.

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