Read A.J. Reboot

Because I can.

After a long break is being resurrected.  A few months ago WordPress sent a renewal email and the choice was renewing a project neglected for a myriad of reasons or just walking away.   Mulling it over, I decided on the latter.

I also decided to keep my old posts.  While I consider this a fresh start I have to acknowledge what came before and I enjoy reading my past thoughts.  It’s like a time machine!   And some were fairly coherent, too.

Above all this blog is about two things, the first being my enjoyment.  Specifically about writing.  More specifically writing about those things I (repeat: I) feel matter.  From the trivial to the serious (mostly in middle).  There will be no rants.  I’m an adult and not mad as hell about anything in particular.  That and I know how to use paragraph breaks.  And don’t expect me to share my life here, that’s what Facebook for.

This blog is about practice too.  Like most things practice, practice, and more practice make perfect.  Or least better, so they say.

With the obligatory “hello world” out-of-the-way, I hereby consider rebooted.


Play this song: K-OS, “Rise like the Sun”

For more of A.J.’s writing go here: Austinist


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